Birmingham Central Mosque – Tuesday 21st May 2024

πŸ•Œ A wonderful visit to Birmingham Central Mosque as the High Sheriff of the West Midlands. Stepping into this sacred place of worship which opened in 1971, I was greeted with warmth and kindness that truly embodies the spirit of community and social cohesion. This was the second purpose built mosque in the UK and can welcome up to 2000 school children a week! There was a group there whilst I was visiting. There is also a food bank run by the mosque within the car park which offers much need parcels and all are welcome. The mosque is currently being expanded by a further 66% and there is a wonderful togetherness in funding the Β£6M cost of the extension.
I am grateful for the insights shared and the connections made during my visit. I left the mosque inspired and further motivate to create a more inclusive and cohesive West Midlands. My gratitude to Birmingham Central Mosque for their hospitality and for the opportunity to engage in such meaningful dialogue. This is a very special place which I will look forward to be visiting again. It was a privilege to attend πŸ•Œ