Birmingham Says No CIC – Thursday 23rd May 2024

As the High Sheriff of the West Midlands, I had the privilege of attending an incredible day at the ‘Birmingham Says No’ hub. This influential, multi award-winning group is dedicated to tackling knife crime and youth violence in the region through community engagement and positive youth events. 🤩
During a social corporate responsibility day supported by Prologis, a team of 50 individuals came together to transform the hub. They repainted the building, cleaned the grounds, and made the space more inviting for all who visit. The dedication and teamwork displayed by the volunteers were truly inspiring. 🎨🧽
Supporting the ‘Birmingham Says No‘ Community Hub and Foodbank are helping those in need. Whether through donating food items, raising awareness, or making monetary contributions, every little bit makes a difference. Let’s continue to support this important cause and work towards creating a safer and more inclusive and cohesive West Midlands. 💫
‘Birmingham Says No’  is way more than just an anti crime organisation. It’s making such a difference in so many ways to the local community and wider region.