Carers Appreciation Day – Monday 10th June 2024

Privileged to attend as High Sheriff of the West Midlands, the Carers Support Network event, an organisation that started in 2010 to support a small group of 8-12 carers and has since flourished to serve over 200 carers in the West Midlands. Today, I had the honour of delivering a speech at their Appreciation Day event, surrounded by so many of their 200 dedicated carers. Witnessing the incredible work of Erma Lewis BEM and her team in providing essential support to carers was truly inspiring. It was a very emotional day for me having being hospitalised so for long in 1986. My accident will always haunt me but there were several carers who got me through day to day life and made me feel special in so many ways. I never imagined that 38 years later I would be able to stand in front of so many careers and thank them personally. They are such wonderful people who are the backbone of our community.

The entire was filled with inspiring speeches, presentations, and performances, all aimed at celebrating and appreciating the selfless dedication of these carers in our community.

Thank you to the Carers Support Network for the opportunity to be part of such this beautiful day which I will cherish forever.

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