Making History with Queen Elizabeth II’s Pen – Wednesday 25th June 2024

On Wednesday night I attended the unveiling event at Aston University of the iconic Parker 51 pen. This was used and donated by the late Queen Elizabeth II during her first visit to the University (then the College of Technology, Commerce and Art) on the 3rd of November 1955. The event was a celebration of history, archival disciplines, and Aston University’s values that have now been preserved for future generations. Congratulations to Dr Ilaria Scaglia, Senior Lecturer in Modern History at Aston University for a brilliant and compelling presentation.

It was fascinating to hear the insightful details about the Queen’s visit to the campus and the significance of history and archives in bringing the past to life. Thank you Aston University for inviting me to learn more about this momentous day and the role Aston University has played in Birmingham’s technological and economic development.