Oasis of Love – Saturday 6th July 2024

   Yesterday was a truly special day as I, along with Rani Gundhu QPM, had the privilege of visiting Oasis of Love at The Love Centre as the High Sheriff of the West Midlands.
The sense of unity and diversity within this community is truly remarkable. It was heartwarming to witness the impact of their 15th Year Anniversary celebration, themed ‘Unity in Diversity: Building Bridges for Integration and Cohesion’. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an important event.
This group is a wonderful example of how communities come together for the betterment of their neighbours and wider community. Their impact over the fifteen years since they began in 2009 has been phenomenal and they now have over 165 volunteers.
The Mayor of Wolverhampton was also in attendance, further highlighting the significance of this celebration.
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