Second Visit to Birmingham Civil and Family Justice Centre – Thursday 2nd May 2024

Day 2
The second day of my visit to the Birmingham Civil and Family Justice Centre(BCFJC) focused on interactions with the bailiffs, observing a family hearing, engaging with family teams, and meeting with the Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) team and judiciary. The day aimed to provide insights into the operational aspects and support services related to family matters at the centre.
Another full day scheduled I had the pleasure of:
  • Meeting the Bailiff Manager who has worked with the Courts for an impressive 32 years, where he discussed the role and responsibilities of the bailiffs in court proceedings.
  • Observing family hearings to gain an understanding of courtroom procedures and family case management.
  • Spending time with the Family teams at Priory Courts to observe their operations and support services for family matters.
  • Engaging with the Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) team and judiciary at Priory Courts to discuss their specialized services and support for families dealing with substance abuse issues.
The second day of the visit provided a deeper insight into the family-related services and support offered by the Birmingham Civil and Family Justice Centre. Interactions with the bailiffs, observation of a family hearing, and engagement with the family teams and FDAC highlighted the center’s commitment to addressing family matters with care and professionalism pioneering their pilot scheme starting next week.