Meeting the Mayor of Walsall – Friday 31st May 2024

As High Sheriff of the West Midlands, I had the privilege of meeting with the newly appointed Mayor of Walsall, Cllr Anthony Harris.
Born in 1940, Cllr Harris hails from a long line of Cambridgeshire travelling showmen, bringing a unique perspective and a rich heritage to his role as Mayor of Walsall for the term 2024/25.
It was great to hear about the Mayors deep rooted connection to his heritage and community, emphasising the values of inclusivity, collaboration, and community engagement that are at the heart of his mayoral tenure. His dedication to promoting social cohesion and unity echoes his family’s tradition of bringing people together through shared experiences and celebrations.
I look forward to supporting the Mayor and being invited to all things Walsall throughout my year as High Sheriff.
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